Kodai Grihini Community College is a provider of holistic education for marginalised Dalit and Tribal young women from remote communities of the Palni Hills provide a village outreach program that responds to the ongoing needs of Alumni and marginalised communities.


Our vision for the Grihini program is to be a successful program that empowers the marginalised young women of the Palni Hills, especially those from Dalit and Tribal communities to transform their lives so that they appreciate their own self-worth and capabilities to seek employment and aspire to be responsible citizens who can contribute to improving conditions in their families and villages.

Value & Principles

Our approach to our work at Kodai Grihini Community College is governed by the following values and principles:

  1. We focus on promoting emotional, intellectual and physical skills rather than mere provision of physical or financial resources.
  2. We cherish the model of ‘Akka’ and animator, creating a family environment and respond when our Alumni return in need of assistance.
  3. We focus on developing young women to be leaders and raising their political and social awareness.
  4. We prioritise enabling young women to live with dignity, respect, awareness and empowerment in their own places; to resource them to make a difference in their villages rather than being and avenue to ‘escape’ from village life.
  5. Grihini is a ‘movement’ rather than a project or an NGO, and its future direction will be led by Grihini with the support of the Grihini Administration.
  6. Grihini Trust works towards the sustainability of financial and human resources to maintain the program.
  7. Teaching and learning approaches will incorporate critical group and self-reflection, continuous improvement, innovative learning, and full student participation.
  8. All those engaged in the leadership, management and delivery of the program have equal functional responsibility to ensure the enactment of its mission and values, irrespective of our office.
  9. We, the management and staff, care for and safeguard the health and wellbeing of both our students and each other.
  10. We assist women who experience violence.
  11. We collaborate with other like-minded individuals and institutions who support our values to make the Grihini fit for life, for society and for jobs.


Through Grihini, the marginalised young women of the Palni Hills, especially from Dalit and Tribal communities, will engage in educational experiences and return to their villages empowered to transform their lives and equipped to improve the conditions in their villages.

We seek to ensure that our Grihini graduates will have:

  • A sense of self-esteem and empowerment.
  • A sense of personal worth, potential and humanity.
  • Enhanced social literacy to understand what it is that contributes to their social marginalisation and poverty.
  • A consciousness of justice and human rights.
  • An awareness of the value of women’s support networks.
  • Improved literacy and numeracy.
  • A capacity to generate an independent income and to handle and save money responsibly.
  • A knowledge of the support programs offered by their government and the skills to access them.
  • The motivation to become agents of change in the village, understanding of how to improve village health and the ability to handle public opposition to social change.